cherry b (drknbutterfly) wrote in im_so_indie,
cherry b


hi, everyone

I hope this isn't totally inappropriate, but I'm starting to get really desparate. I'm trying to book a tour of California mid July and haven't had much luck with getting a show in the general LA area. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? My friend, Kris Racer and I are looking for a show together on either July 16th or 17th. His stuff is in the pop-punk vein while I'm more post-punk w/abrasive guitars. You can check out my stuff at or

I've tried contacting tons of promoter/club owners, but haven't had any success. Please help!!! We'll play anywhere...someone's living room or basement even!! If you can help, email at or comment in my journal.

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i like yr user name.

sonic youth rocks.

if you ever need shows in TORONTO, give a brother a shout.

s o n i c l o v e

Thanks!! Did you hear they're reissuing Goo w/extras??!! Whoo hoo...

and thanks for the Toronto help offer!! I might hit it up this coming fall...
what decent, self-respecting sonic youth fan would not know about such things?

i most likely won't buy it though because i already have all of the demos and b-sides from that record.

anyways, i hope that all goes well for you in yr travels with music and if you get a chance, check out you might dig on it.

s o n i c l o v e