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Earlimart, The Joggers @ Spaceland (LA), 10/7

Friday, October 7; 9 PM; 21+
Earlimart, The Joggers @ Club Spaceland (1717 Silver Lake Blvd, LA, 90026)

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There's absolutely nothing on these Californians' third...album...that you haven't heard before on a hundred indie discs. Languid strum patterns, spooky pianos, shimmery arpeggios, distant e-bows sawing away under half-whispered, heavy-lidded vocals-- it's all there. But it's better than you might think...The reason it all works? Texture. Aaron Espinoza pays more attention to texture than just about anyone out there twiddling the proverbial knobs...Every instrument on "Everyone Down Here" sounds warm, yet weird: hearing a simple tremolo on a guitar lick is, somehow, a revelation. Even the tape hiss that haunts the first and last several seconds of each song is somehow rendered pleasant, like a handful of sand oozing between your fingers.

Listen to Earlimart
Listen to The Joggers
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